School’s Out for the Summer

Nineteen sixty-three, end-of-year school-wide pep rally. An assembled horde of young white Athens High Trojans going home, or to work for the summer, or to war. A gym full of kids with nothing to do but work off hormones and jitters. Cheerleaders winding up the crowd, which didn’t need any help. Athletic letter-winners recognized, theContinue reading “School’s Out for the Summer”

Compost Rose

Compost Rose. A rare, delicate flower found only indoors in winter, when its normal ecological niche—mounded decaying vegetative matter—is frozen and lost among the snow drifts. Rosa composta should not be confused with the Compass Roses (rosa humanica nautica and rosa humanica aeronautica), or the Windrose (rosa humanica meteorica), more poetically known as the RoseContinue reading “Compost Rose”

Writing Contest & Gingerbread

Cassette Player stack: Various—New England Christmastide; Odetta—Christmas Spirituals; Emmy Lou Harris—Light of the Stable; Lisa Neustat and Jean Redpath—Shout for Joy. CDs: Wes Weddell (compiler) ( ) Saturn Songs XIV; Wes Weddell Band—Nobody’s Flag; John Denver and the Muppets—A Christmas Together; The Effi Netzer Singers—A Festival of Jewish Song; Amanda Winterhalter—Olea; John Waters (compiler)—AContinue reading “Writing Contest & Gingerbread”

Rafts (scroll down for story)

On the Turntable: Jim Croce, Greatest Hits; followed by Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline; cued up, David Mallet, David Mallet. In the Cassette Player: Patsy Cline, Greatest Hits. In the CD Player: Saturn Songs IV, (2006 indie singer/songwriter roots/folk compilation by Wes Weddell); William Pint & Felicia Dale, Blue Divide (maritime); David Ingerson, My Lovely MountainContinue reading “Rafts (scroll down for story)”