Something’s Got a Hold on Me


I still pray. Having much to be thankful for, it seems right to give something back to the universe.
But I always stumble at the start. I need an address. Dear who? Dear what? And then I lose the thread.
Sometimes I find my way back. But once I wound up in an infinite universe, an infinite universe expanding, and I paused there on the horizon, asking myself,
How can an already infinite universe expand?
And I was rewarded.
It’s a mystery, came the answer.
And a mystery so big, so interesting, so complex, so potentially meaningful that it’s worth exploring. And that’s also the way some people feel about God, something said.
Myself, if I use that word I get hung up on that bearded old white guy in the sky, which doesn’t seem a likely guise.
But I can embrace a mystery.
Which would free me to make this admission to myself, and now you. The mystery formerly known as God has got a hold on me, and has since I was very little, when it didn’t bother me.
And while I am still without a name I like for that mystery, and still don’t believe that a just mystery would hand out favors based on who had the most active prayer circle, both the mystery and prayer still have that hold on me.
The Soul Singers here UCKwzMEY6xw

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