Roadcuts Through the Heart

In the mid-2000s, Jim Weddell began chronicling stories and memories from his formative years in short essays. As the collection grew, he turned his focus toward organizing them into a memoir. In 2021, shortly before he passed, Jim reached an agreement with Deeds Publishing in his hometown of Athens, GA, to publish Roadcuts Through the Heart: A Georgia Memoir by Jim Weddell. The family is delighted to announce its release!

Deeds describes Roadcuts as “stories from varied times and places in a memoir about forgiveness and social change,” while Dr. Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, Julia Cherry Spruill Professor Emeritus of History at the University of North Carolina, offered this in praise: “I loved Roadcuts Through the Heart. This memoir of a white southern boy growing into manhood as he comes to grips with sex and love, race and power while, at the same time, wrestling with his upbringing in a deeply troubled family rings almost too poignantly true…eloquently, humbly, and with the unmistakable sting of wisdom that is hard-won.”

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